Eric's Vision

Resourceful | Responsible | Reliable

As your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, my number one objective will be to serve the needs of the residents and business owners residing within the neighborhood.  To me, this means being proactive in raising issues that matter most to you.  Equally important, it means actively listening to you and promptly addressing your concerns.  Having lived in the District for more than 20 years, I know how important transparency in neighborhood/government matters is.  And I know what it feels like to not have it. 
We all have the distinct privilege of living, working, and playing in one of the most exciting and vibrant neighborhoods in the city.  I pledge to you to deliver the kind of care and attention that is befitting for such a neighborhood.  My top priorities are:

smart urban development.jpg

Smart Urban Development

As your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I will ensure your voice is heard and considered in all residential and commercial development matters concerning the neighborhood, and ensure projects adhere to smart urban development concepts.  Too often projects are greenlit with only the developer’s bottom line being the top priority.  Developers need to be informed about and held accountable for meeting local needs in their project proposals.   This can be done by working with city council, city housing authorities and neighborhood groups (you) to thoroughly understand and fully articulate our neighborhood needs and ensure these are incorporated in development proposals and projects.

Cooperative Public Safety

Public safety is far more involved than merely law enforcement doing their job.  It is the responsibility of each one of us.  We all must be actively involved in creating the safe space that we all want.
I plan to create regular opportunities for residents and businesses to be both informed and involved in shaping community public safety.  We will create in person and virtual sessions designed to provide you the tools you need to be more aware of your surroundings and of the appropriate behaviors and actions you can adopt that will help keep us all safe.

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Enhancing Health and Well-Being

Despite pandemic restrictions, our neighborhood remains vibrant.  It is a place where people from all walks of life live, play and work.  It is a destination for city residents from all wards to come for recreation in one of our many civic spaces, watch a baseball game at Nats Park, or enjoy a dinner along the Anacostia River.
As your Commissioner, I will work to build upon this tradition to conceive of and deliver community-based neighborhood programming that will include outdoor fitness activities; learning opportunities; environmental clean-up efforts; eclectic performance events

Post-Covid Transitions (The New Normal)

All of our lives have been drastically disrupted by the Corona Virus pandemic.  This is painfully true for individuals and businesses alike.  The pandemic has forced us all to look at ways of doing things differently. Many of these things have been proposed in the past (such as streateries) but proved to be too difficult to implement. But now, out necessity, the pandemic has shown us the "art of the possible."
As we move past Covid, it is necessary for us to plan accordingly to be able to operate successfully in “the new normal.”  As your Commissioner, I will work diligently with residents, city officials, and business owners to capitalize on this unique learning opportunity to inform future action for new ways of living and doing business post-Covid. We will create working groups and listening sessions to discover and inventory the various ways our lives and our businesses have changed and assess the positive and negative impacts of these changes. We will then come up with recommendations for new ways of living, working, and doing business that we can or should continue when the pandemic is over.